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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mediafire Resume Support At Anytime?

Answer for this question is "NO".But it's yes for small amount of files.Not more than 50MB.But "NO' for large size file(over 100MB) Because with in 1 or 2 hours Mediafire will change their downloading server addresses automatically.See below picture(See Fig 1)At 6.30PM I got first link after 12 hours it has change to another.(second link)

Read this article then you will be able to how set configure Mediafire for resume support.If you are using limited type of internet connection this will great help to you

Fig 1

Fig 2
Free Download Manager- Download FDM

Sometimes you may also have this experience.Then what happen FDM(free download manager- Fig 2) will try to download from first link and then respond as "unknown server error".(See fig 3)

Fig 3

I try to download this file more than 12 hours.But unknown server error and FDM will stop retrying automatically.

Size of file is 199MB(200MB) and already downloaded 157MB. Another 43MB we have to download.

But if we add direct link from a mediafire web site.FDM or any downloading manager will take this link as new link.There fore we have to copy that link from web site.(See fig 4)

Fig 4
If you click on "Click here to start download" button then new link will applied to your download manager and sometime it will start it with a new file name or replaced old file.

Ex- xxxx.rar


There fore follow this trick to avoid from above incident.(see fig 4).Right click on your link and copy it.

Then open FDM select & right click corrupted link goto it's properties(fig 5)

Fig 5

Then replace current URL(fig 6) with new link(fig 7) then click apply and Ok.

Fig 6

Fig 7

Then click on corrupted file and select "start download" again as belows

Fig 8

Then you can see resumed will started and reaming time will calculated
Note-Wait until download at least 1MB(fig 8)
Fig 8

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